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Outdoor Banners

From $85

When you need to advertise, vinyl banners are a great option. They’re eye-catching at a reasonable cost.

Good for Anywhere
Vinyl banners are versatile. Whether you’re in a shop, a sports club, a school, or a restaurant, they fit right in. Customize them with your own message or logo.

Strong and Lasting
Vinyl banners are tough. They can handle bad weather like rain and wind, and they won’t fade quickly in the sun. This means your message stays visible for a long time.

Cost Effective Advertising
Despite their visual impact, vinyl banners are remarkably affordable. Businesses of all sizes can leverage their power without stretching their budget.

4 Easy Steps
#1. Request a Quote
#2. Send us artwork
#3. Production
#4. Delivery

Whether you’re promoting a product, an event, or your business, our Outdoor Banners are versatile tools that enhance any marketing campaign. From weddings & tradeshow displays to store window exhibits, our prints make a lasting impression.
Contact our friendly team today to turn your vision into reality with our exquisite Outdoor Banners.
Your brand deserves nothing less than the best!

Standard Sizes (custom sizes available by request)

500mm x 500mm = $85 each +GST
1000mm x 1000mm = $125 each +GST
1800mm x 900mm = $145 each +GST
2000mm x 1000mm = $155 each +GST
3000mm x 1000mm = $225 each plus GST

Choice of standard finishing options at no extra cost including eyelets, taped edges, hemmed edges, stitched rope, and hemmed pockets

C440gsm high-quality vinyl pvc rated to Australian Standards
Upgrades available to the premium 510, 560, 610 or 880gsm, contcat for pricing

Additional Info:
High-resolution printing for a photo quality finish
Single sided and double sided banners available (double sided priced upon request)

Production Time:
10 – 12 working days
(after artwork and quote approval)



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