Introducing our premium collection of custom-designed badges, meticulously crafted to elevate your organisation’s image and promote professionalism. Our badges are available in four distinct styles, each created with exceptional quality and customisation options.

* Metal stamped, filled with several enamel colours to choose from.
* Laser engraved on eco beech plywood or sofisticated traffolyte silver/gold
* Digi-Badges printed with detailed images including photos and logos
* 3D Badges, moulded metal to any shape of your choice

Whether you prefer a modern, bold, classic or an eco-rustic look, our design team will work closely with you to create a badge that embodies your organisation’s identity. From name badges, sports clubs, recognition badges, achievement badges, school or organisation year badges, we have your individual needs covered.

Choose the fitting that suits your needs, whether it be the magnetic attachment, brooch-back or butterfly clasp. Invest in quality and durability with our range of badges and pins, designed to leave a lasting impression for any occasion.


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