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  • 5a Cups (postcard)
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Customised Trophy Cups

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Welcome to our world of exquisite custom trophy cups, where achievements are transformed into timeless works of art. At Myers we specialise in crafting personalised awards that capture the essence of triumph and celebrate unique accomplishments. Whether it’s a dazzling cup for a sports championship, corporate recognition trophy, or award for a special occasion, we bring your vision to life with unparalleled attention to detail. Immerse yourself in a realm of limitless possibilities as we collaborate with designs, styles, and customisation options. Various colours, personalised engraving and logo options to suit any occasion.

Whether you’re honouring an individual, a team, or an organisation, our custom cups and trophies stand as enduring symbols of excellence.

4 Easy Steps.
#1. Request a Quote
#2. Send us artwork/logo/ideas
#3. Production
#4. Delivery

Perhaps you’re searching for a thoughtful and fun gift to mark a special occasion or bidding a fond farewell to a valued colleague. Maybe you’re aiming to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your team or sports event. Even life’s most cherished milestones deserve to be celebrated with the grandeur they deserve. Add names, dates, or heartfelt messages to transform each trophy into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the essence of the occasion.

Small, Medium, Large
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Designs: Check out the catalogues for options and contact for pricing

Cups are Plastic or Metal
Timber or Marble Base
Free Laser Engraving for Club or Event details
and/or logo can be included.

Production Time: 3-5 working days
(Depending on stock and details required)




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