Metal Stamping

At Myers Badges, the metal stamping process is executed with precision and expertise, utilizing a powerful 500-tonne pneumatic press. This advanced machinery allows for the creation of exquisite gold, silver, and brass medallions, as well as custom designs for badges, brass tags, and awards.

The metal stamping process begins with the design and fabrication of custom-made dies. These dies are meticulously crafted to match the desired shape and intricate details of the final product. Each die is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of the medallion, badge, tag, or award being produced.

Once the dies are prepared, the chosen metal material, such as gold, silver, or brass, is carefully selected. High-quality metals are utilized to ensure the end result exudes a sense of elegance and durability.

The metal sheet is positioned under the pneumatic press, which exerts an immense amount of force—500 tonnes—to precisely stamp the desired design onto the metal surface. The press operates in a controlled and automated manner, allowing for consistent and uniform results.

The custom-made dies play a critical role during the stamping process. They impart the intricate patterns, text, and imagery onto the metal, creating a visually stunning and precise representation of the intended design. The press ensures that the force applied is evenly distributed, resulting in crisp and well-defined impressions.

Myers Badges’ 500-tonne pneumatic press holds a unique distinction, as it is one of the few machines in the country capable of effectively stamping gold and silver medallions. This capability allows for the production of exclusive and highly prestigious items that embody the elegance and sophistication associated with precious metals.

Throughout the entire metal stamping process, the skilled artisans at Myers Badges closely monitor each step to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. From die preparation to stamping, they maintain strict attention to detail, guaranteeing that every medallion, badge, tag, or award meets the exacting standards set by their discerning clientele.

In conclusion, Myers Badges’ employment of a 500-tonne pneumatic press, in conjunction with custom-made dies, enables them to create exceptional gold, silver, and brass medallions, as well as bespoke designs for badges, brass tags, and awards. This combination of cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship allows them to deliver exceptional products that exude elegance and distinction.


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